Aug 2020 - Jan 2022
Leadership Team
Design Team
My Role
Lead designer
Leadership Team
Work with the leadership team to craft and promote the values and vision for WU.
WU values
Aid in setting up a conflict resolution process.
Attend weekly meetings to update on progress made, engagements with the communities, and opportunities for growth.
Wu activity
Design Team
Collaborate and coordinate with other divisions to plan out design tasks.
Excel planning
Delegate design tasks to the team of designers.
Create a design style guide and design do's and dont's to help guide non-design trained volunteers.
Design Guide
Design Guide
Design Guide

Create an assortment of design collateral, mainly to support the Ideas Division, Management and Events.
Designs took the format of Instagram and Facebook posts and stories, Blog covers for the website, Illustrations, Graphics, Icons, Stickers, Posters, Mock Ups, Slide Decks, and Booklets.
These were our main outward facing communication with the community. From the beginning, it helped us grow to over 500 followers on Instagram in 6 months with sustained growth for more than a year during the pandemic.
Here are some of the many stories and pieces I had the privilege to work on in my year and a half of working actively with the Women Unbounded Team.
WU Post: Know Your Hero
Cover of the Know Your Heroes Series.
WU Post: Quick Takes
Design style test for a new series called Quick Takes; a fast-response to current news in Singapore.
WU Post: On sexual harassment
One part of an IG post on the topic of sexual harassment on dating apps.
WU Post: WU Radia
Introducing the WU Radio podcast out on Spotify.
WU Post: Blog cover
Blog cover for a written piece on Emotions in Capitalist Structures.
WU Post: Power in Protest series
The main graphic for an extensive collaboration piece with over 20 writers from around the world speaking about the ongoing protests or wars in the year 2020.
WU Post: Illustration
One part of a piece on gender roles in social context, with supporting illustrations.
WU Post: Theme of the month illustration
Illustration cover to introduce the theme of the month.
WU Post: RBG
Graphic design collaboration with Srashti as illustrator on a piece about Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
What is ROJAK?
Endearingly named after a popular Southeast Asian dish, the ROJAK series explores the nitty-gritty hardships of intersectionality while simultaneously showcasing beautiful diversity in Singapore. 
As one of my favourite series to come from working at WU, ROJAK gives a space to stories of lived experiences from an intersectional perspective, voicing thoughts that otherwise don't have a place to live.
I designed a visual language, colour scheme, logo, and brand for the series.
View the posts here, here, here and here. Or the blog here.
Rojak series - logo exploration
Rojak series - logo
Rojak series - branding
Rojak series - branding
Rojak series - branding
Rojak series - icon
Some things I learnt from my experience in a not-for-profit start-up community.
How to collaborate and communicate with others that may not understand the design process or have a design sense.
Setting up expectations for ourselves as an organisation that is realistic as everyone works on a volunteer base.
Communicating our vision to many people, and onboarding new volunteers to understand WU's values.
Coordinating teams asynchronously during the covid pandemic.
Thinking more critically about visually representing topics that may be sensitive to discuss, in an appropriate and care for way.
Understanding how to build a sustainable working culture is important for the long term.