Jun - Aug 2021
Design Tribe
Product Tribe
Team Eagles
My Role
Product Intern
Internal Team
My tasks
Product Tribe
Review the current personae.
Build a new survey and interview guide for user research.
Design Tribe
Create original graphic assets for Lyte Pay Facebook advertising.
Create a guide and documentation process for Lyte Pay user testing.
Conduct user testing for new Lyte Pay features.
Turn user testing feedback into prioritised actionable steps.
Team Eagles
Create interview guides for customer discover process.
Outreach to freelance communities in Singapore.
Conducted user interviews with freelancers in Singapore.
Affinitise data collected to find insights that would help drive the priorities of a new community driven by Lyte.
Feedback insights found from users to the Product team.
Generate How Might We statements to guide ideation for concept generation of the FLOW community.
Work collaboratively with the team to define a product roadmap, the golden circle, product values, and target audience personae for the Lyte community.
Create branding assets used in the MVP.
Attend 3 Lyte company townhalls.
Attend the midyear Forsyte.
Take the data protection test as required by ACRA.
What I took from my experience
The team at Lyte has been such a pleasure to work with. They have a great working environment and culture that has given me the support and ownership over my own experience with them. Over the both long and fast 2 months of my time with them, they had been kind and patient with providing me the information and tools necessary to help me produce work, while also being supportive in hearing my ideas regardless of how new I was on the team and to the product space.
Working with Team Eagles, and with key contacts on the Product team and Design team, it has allowed me to see how the UX process touches all aspects of the product. From customer complaints to reading FAQs, from user testing confusions to overdrawn interviews, I've been able to learnt the importance of creating effective story points in sprints, and keeping communication as open as possible. I am grateful for this learning experience.
Zoom team photo